Thursday, 27 May 2010

Italian Beach Babes

Conan from Graffiti Island/Italian Beach babes knows where it's at. He's done a mix for Platform Magazine and I've been listening to it aaaaalll week. Awesome jams from Skrewdriver, Sebadoh, Ean Eraser and The Crowd.

You can read the interview and download the mix here -

Bank Holiday

A whole host of Suffering Jukebox activity this bank holiday... It's the regular Suffering Jukebox night at The Deaf Institute tonight, all the way through 2am. On Saturday, Colleen plays the Silverlake Lounge in LA at a night called Space Boners. Mazes play Eurocultured Festival in Manchester and DJ at 'Spring Break' in the evening. On Tuesday, Milk Maid play White Heat in London with Crocodiles and then Mazes play with Thee Oh Sees at The Deaf Institute.

Good times likely, although everything's slightly tainted by the fact we're not all joining Colleen at Space Boners

Monday, 24 May 2010

Mazes 7"

I just sent off our first release, a seven by my band Mazes. The sleeve is by James Hines from Sex Is Disgusting...totally next level stuff. In the's a zip of our first single that was out on Sex Is Disgusting. It's sold out now

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Colleen Green

I'm trying to retrace my steps and remember how I found out about Colleen Green. She was in a band called Have Mercys coming out of Oakland CA who I never heard but probably should have. I managed to download a shit-tonne of stuff last week and I've been listening ever since... she's pretty forward about giving awesome songs away for free and should be saluted. For the lazy amongst you, the ones who need a reason before clicking a link... Colleen sounds like a shoegazey Nobunny and not a million miles away from the criminally underrated Joy Zipper... Ah I'm rubbish at this...I just love her and she does an awesome cover of Blink's M&Ms that surpasses the original x 10.

Here's a free song - Worship You

Here's her MySpace with that Blink Cover -

We're gonna put out her album on tape in the UK

Tree Fort Tape

Matt Benn from Spectrals, Twisted and Hookworms has started his own label and this is the first fruit of his generous loins. The tape seems to have a slant on it; bands from northern britain. Matt who's put this together has taste that's second to none and these are all bands that'll be troubling hipster blogs in the months to come. Probably. Anyway, it comes with a 20 page zine and you get a free download code when you buy it... It's £4.50... Probably more than you losers get paid an hour, but still worthy of a 'bargain' tag. And if that hasn't convinced you, I did a cover of 'Don't Worry Baby' by The Beach Boys

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Former Bullies

Former Bullies have been cowering away in the Manchester shadows for nearly seven years now. In a city that prides itself on former glories and rehashes of crap that was crap in the first place, Nick Ainsworth and his bandmates have found themselves ignored; content to pass on tape after tape of wonderfully melodious pop music to the dozens of people who actually know what's what. I'm pretty convinced that Nick's time is yet to come... for me he's one of the best songwriters to come out of Manchester in years, if not ever.... Songs of brilliantly skewed romance and melody; haphazardly recorded by someone with another hundred or so killer songs swirling around his head.

Here's a taster of the EP we're going to be doing in a coupla months... DOWNLOAD