Thursday, 13 May 2010

Colleen Green

I'm trying to retrace my steps and remember how I found out about Colleen Green. She was in a band called Have Mercys coming out of Oakland CA who I never heard but probably should have. I managed to download a shit-tonne of stuff last week and I've been listening ever since... she's pretty forward about giving awesome songs away for free and should be saluted. For the lazy amongst you, the ones who need a reason before clicking a link... Colleen sounds like a shoegazey Nobunny and not a million miles away from the criminally underrated Joy Zipper... Ah I'm rubbish at this...I just love her and she does an awesome cover of Blink's M&Ms that surpasses the original x 10.

Here's a free song - Worship You

Here's her MySpace with that Blink Cover -

We're gonna put out her album on tape in the UK

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