Friday, 24 September 2010

Such Fun/Can't You See 7"

'Such Fun/Can't You See' is the first release from Manchester's Milk Maid and the forth release on Suffering Jukebox Records. Milk Maid is a band built around the songwriting talents of Martin Cohen, the bassist from Nine Black Alps and the two jams on this single represent his first ever attempts at songwriting... attempts that in our opinion are a bit like someone attempting to play for Manchester United, scoring a hat-trick and ending the night making out with Winona Ryder on the Heathers set... that said; we think he rules.

No-one really sounds like Guided By Voices, but Milk Maid have a similarly laissez faire approach to recording solid gold melodies; throwing away songs most bands would kill for with a kinda swoony arrogance. This single wouldn't sound out of place on the Woodsist label, home of Kurt Vile, Woods and Real Estate...but y'know Suffering Jukebox got in first. Maybe they'll steal Milk Maid of us and we'd end up all bitter and broken.

'Such Fun/Can't You See' is out on October 18th on 7" Vinyl and Cassingle

Please feel to post up the MP3 I've attached to this email. It's not on the single but it does rule. If you want to do an interview with Milk Maid or just chat, you can contact Martin from Milk Maid at

Gimme a shout if you want to order the vinyl and/or cassette. Prices, delivery etc blah de blah

If you want to book Milk Maid you can either shout me or the band... they like getting enough money to cover petrol, drinking beers and being treated well

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Martin from Milk Maid was interviewed for the Manchester Evening News; he talks about how awesome Milk Maid are and what a rad dude he is. Not really... the MEN mainly focuses on the fact Martin used to be in Nine Black Alps, who are still one of the best bands I ever saw in Manchester.

The Milk Maid single has been delayed slightly thanks to incompetence from me and our pressing plant. That said, 'Such Fun/Can't You See' will be out on 18th October. Pre-orders up soon!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Suffering Jukecast #3

1. Cartoon Beginning - Eat Skull
2. The Kids Are Alright - Les Calamites
3. I'm Gone - The Bat Caves
4. Disguises - Of Montreal
5. Violet Execution - Sebadoh
6. Beach Comber - Real Estate (Radio Session)
7. Shock Town - The Sun Electric Band
8. Hammond Song - The Roches

A decidedly more autumnal feel to the latest installment; I think that's the theme. Autumn is alot of people's favourite season, hippies mainly...personally I prefer summer to getting drenched and everything dying. Saying that, there's definitely something brilliant about being bunked down and hearing rain on the window; it's like mocking God. So there's a couple of brand new bands; The Bat Caves & The Sun Electric Band and a couple of Who covers, which can't be bad. Stay tuned

Suffering Jukecast 3 by Suffering Jukebox

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Milk Maid 6Music

Milk Maid killed it on Sunday night at The Deaf Institute label launch bash. I took some photos over the weekend which you can see HERE . Marc Riley at 6Music struck while the iron was hot and invited them in for a session last night. Marc's show is consistently great, he's a wonderful dude, has been in two of the best Manchester bands ever and has played host to a remarkable number of underground bands doing sessions. You can listen to the three Milk Maid tracks and a short interview with them HERE

Friday, 27 August 2010

Gun Outfit

Just got around to picking up the Gun Outfit album and I've finally stopped listening to REM who've soundtracked the last couple of months for me. Dean from No Age has just put out the album on his PPM label and they're heading over to the UK in November. I'm not gonna try and describe the album cos I haven't figured it out yet. You can get the original demos for their website HERE

Thursday, 26 August 2010


I'm mourning the loss of TOTP after a lunchtime trawling the YouTube archives. Obviously it was predominantly rubbish, especially in the 2000's, but the BBC/major label machine would occasionally drop it's guard and a band like Lilys would be on. Admittedly 'Nanny In Manhattan' was all over a Levis ad (I think it was for Silver Tabs, which my mum bought me in Fort Lauderdale that summer) but seeing them on TOTP seemed strangely subversive at the time. Looking back you have to admire a band that went on prime time TV and went out of their way to play their hit song absolutely nothing like the recorded version. Kurt Heasley's a totally underrated songwriter and this is just total magic imho.