Monday, 26 July 2010

Best Album Ever

So I think this was a pretty 'cool' album to like a few years back when Green Man was all the rage, nonetheless it's still a bit of a lost classic even though it's had a-lot more attention over the last ten years. Anyway for me, if I'm ever asked what my favourite album of all time is, I say 'Wolfking Of LA' cos it is. John Phillips may well have had a long term sexual relationship with his own daughter, but on Wolfking he made one of most beautifully trashy albums ever.

Obviously most people know of John Phillips from The Mamas & The Papas where he made his name as one of the sixties finest songwriters, as well as being a harmony arranger surpassed only by Brian Wilson. John's private life during and after his heyday was one of unparalled excess and debauchery and it's this that informs the album's unhinged romance. It's pretty much the only album that I know ALL the words to and I don't even know the words to our songs... please listen.

Listen to Harlem Tunnel


I've spent all morning listening to Girlfriends on MySpace and subsequently pondering how great these songs are and how the hell did Tom and Rupert let MySpace get so outdated. Girlfriends are currently touring the US with our sis Colleen Green, probably having a complete blast and blowing minds. Like Jonathan Richman, Girlfriends hail from Boston and the songs have a similar bratty feel; all slurred words, skewed romance, lazy chord changes and those horizontal melody lines I seem to like so much. If you like Nodzzz and Box Elders, then I'm pretty sure you'll like Girlfriends

You can download a digital single HERE

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Initials BB

I'm super into Brown Brogues today. Anyhows... Pigeon Post interviewed them and they were kind enough to mention us and talk about the tape which should be back any day now.

Here's the interview and here's their Flickr

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Mazes Mixtape

Our friend Conan at Italian Beach Babes is putting out a Mazes Mixtape album. Keep checking his blog for updates but it should be available to order in a week or so. Here's the tracklist...

1. Huffing NV
2. Church Street
3. Urgh
4. I Don't Wanna Know (Fleetwood Mac)
5. Bowie Knife One
6. Shuffle Board
7. A Metric Tower
8. Athens Song
9. What D'Ya Reckon
10. I Don't Know What's Wrong
11. I'm A Smoker
12. No Way
13. Iz It?
14. Checkers
15. Jarin & Jay Don't Like This
16. Sand On Your Neck
17. Munchkins
18. Temperton Tecker
19. Jump (Van Halen)
20. Illegitimate Love (Ean Eraser)
21. Urgh x 100
22. Shit Priest
23. Don't Worry Baby (The Beach boys)
24. Dire Strait's Brothers In Arms
25. Vampire Jive 1
26. Fingers
27. Amelie
28. Eva
29. Till I'm Dead
30. Danny Elfman
31. Brazil

Monday, 19 July 2010

Monday Free Song

Here's a Colleen Green version of The Mission 120's "Just Like I Do". To my ears, Colleen's version is miles better than the original, but her new song on MySpace is miles better than that. Miles better! She's on tour with Girlfriends at the moment and has promised to write us a tour blog so watch out...

Friday, 16 July 2010

Grim Fandangle

If you're in Manchester and you're stuck for something to do tonight, you could do a-lot worse than head down to The Grim Fandangle at The Corner. I don't really know what a 'fandangle' is but I'm assuming it's a good thing. The name's irrelevant anyway... there's four bands playing... I've only ever seen Brown Brogues before and I've raved about them enough so I'm gonna leave it to the promoter to sum up BB, Cargo Cult, Rent Boys and The Graveyard Shift. Here goes...

"I saw these guys at Big Hands. I was sweating so fucking hard, man! I had to shove my arm down my fucking throat just to stop my heart beating so hard! They fucking chewed my ears out, man!" - 50 Cent, Voice Of A Generation.

"I used to go out with Mark from Brown Brogues. He ripped my shit up tough, you dig?" - David Cameron, iz my Daddy.

"Have you seen Fiddy lately? Dude's fucked up, man. He's all fucked up." - Paris Hilton, NTDuh1stWMN2MmmACHE$$$OUTTASEX.

"You know that taxi driver? The Cumbrian bloke that shot all those people up? Well, yeah... He was pretty cool. But I like Rent Boys, so..." - Ian, Night & Day (NOT WHERE THIS IS)

*stares at screen*

Not a clue what any of that means, but Sex Is Disgusting are putting out the first Rent Boys single (buy it here) and that's a big thumbs up. I'd be there if I didn't live in London now and I'll let you in on a secret...there's NOTHING happening in London tonight. Manchester 1, London 0

Friday Free Song

Mazes are doing a tape album on the Italian Beach Babes label. 30 songs of demos, unfinished ideas, covers, live jamz, actual songs, musings, field recordings and slam dunks. All killer, all filler. Psyched about it! Here's a song off it to get you going... Don't Worry Baby. It was originally on a tape Matt Benn from Spectrals put out... you can buy Matt's tape here

Don't Worry Baby - Mazes by Suffering Jukebox

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A Night Of Living Sickness

Really really pleased to announce that we're going to be doing a tape with Brown Brogues that should be available to order pretty soon. It's called 'A Night Of Living Sickness' and it's 100% all killer. Up north this Friday, Brown Brogues play something at The Corner called Grim Fandangle with Rent Boys... The Corner seems to be establishing itself as the place for these types of feels a bit like it shouldn't work but it really does. But yeah, you should really go! After I saw Thee Oh Sees earlier this year, I felt a bit like everyone else should just give up playing live, but Brown Brogues restored some faith.

Anyways... here's one of their songs to download - download

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Deaf Institute

Suffering Jukebox is going to be every Thursday night at The Deaf Institute... the regular DJs will be Perry and Laetitia from Comfortable On A Tightrope, Matthew from the Pigeon Post blog, Martin from Milk Maid and Nick Ainsworth from Former Bullies/Dinner Party.

Comfortable On A Tightrope kick it all off tonight!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Suffering Jukecast #1

If the sun's pouring through your window and you're feeling a little dozy this afternoon, then hopefully this mix will be the icing on your cake. Some lazy stoned jams from everyone set to do something on the label, plus an extra song from Colleen Green; bringing the female percentage up to 33%. Feel free to download it, put it on your blog or send it to a boy/girl you like...

1. Worship You - Colleen Green
2. Not Me - Milk Maid
3. Cenetaph (Slow Jamz Demo) - Mazes
4. Planeterium - Former Bullies
5. M&Ms - Colleen Green
6. You're Not Mine - Brown Brogues

Listen here or DOWNLOAD

Suffering Jukecast by Suffering Jukebox

Monday, 5 July 2010

Olivia Tremor Control

I have lots of 'favourite bands in the world' and I'm prone to rash statements like "this is the best song ever"... I think everyone's the same. This weekend my favourite band in the world was Fleetwood Mac; I listened to Rumours three or four times, Mirage twice and Tango In The Night once. Tango In The Night's a minefield. My favourite 'favourite band in the world' is rather predictably the Beatles, although I haven't listened to them for about a year. Other regulars are Silver Jews, Times New Viking and today's favourite; Olivia Tremor Control.

Listening to them today got me thinking about All Tomorrow's Parties and the Pavement curated thing a few weeks ago. Holy shit, Pavement have some good taste in bands and some totally appalling taste. I'm pretty much sure Spiral Stairs is to blame for the latter... but anyways, an All Tomorrow's Parties curated by Olivia Tremor Control and the Elephant Six collective would be flawlessly awesome. Can someone make this happen please? I would buy my tickets now, rather than wait for some £20 ones the day before. Olivia Tremor Control, Apples In Stereo, Neutral Milk Hotel, Of Montreal (early stuff please), Chocolate USA... maybe Beechwood Sparks etc... swooooon.