Friday, 24 September 2010

Such Fun/Can't You See 7"

'Such Fun/Can't You See' is the first release from Manchester's Milk Maid and the forth release on Suffering Jukebox Records. Milk Maid is a band built around the songwriting talents of Martin Cohen, the bassist from Nine Black Alps and the two jams on this single represent his first ever attempts at songwriting... attempts that in our opinion are a bit like someone attempting to play for Manchester United, scoring a hat-trick and ending the night making out with Winona Ryder on the Heathers set... that said; we think he rules.

No-one really sounds like Guided By Voices, but Milk Maid have a similarly laissez faire approach to recording solid gold melodies; throwing away songs most bands would kill for with a kinda swoony arrogance. This single wouldn't sound out of place on the Woodsist label, home of Kurt Vile, Woods and Real Estate...but y'know Suffering Jukebox got in first. Maybe they'll steal Milk Maid of us and we'd end up all bitter and broken.

'Such Fun/Can't You See' is out on October 18th on 7" Vinyl and Cassingle

Please feel to post up the MP3 I've attached to this email. It's not on the single but it does rule. If you want to do an interview with Milk Maid or just chat, you can contact Martin from Milk Maid at

Gimme a shout if you want to order the vinyl and/or cassette. Prices, delivery etc blah de blah

If you want to book Milk Maid you can either shout me or the band... they like getting enough money to cover petrol, drinking beers and being treated well

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