Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Suffering Jukecast #3

1. Cartoon Beginning - Eat Skull
2. The Kids Are Alright - Les Calamites
3. I'm Gone - The Bat Caves
4. Disguises - Of Montreal
5. Violet Execution - Sebadoh
6. Beach Comber - Real Estate (Radio Session)
7. Shock Town - The Sun Electric Band
8. Hammond Song - The Roches

A decidedly more autumnal feel to the latest installment; I think that's the theme. Autumn is alot of people's favourite season, hippies mainly...personally I prefer summer to getting drenched and everything dying. Saying that, there's definitely something brilliant about being bunked down and hearing rain on the window; it's like mocking God. So there's a couple of brand new bands; The Bat Caves & The Sun Electric Band and a couple of Who covers, which can't be bad. Stay tuned

Suffering Jukecast 3 by Suffering Jukebox

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  1. That Roches song is amazing! Liking the Live Real Estate too!