Monday, 26 July 2010

Best Album Ever

So I think this was a pretty 'cool' album to like a few years back when Green Man was all the rage, nonetheless it's still a bit of a lost classic even though it's had a-lot more attention over the last ten years. Anyway for me, if I'm ever asked what my favourite album of all time is, I say 'Wolfking Of LA' cos it is. John Phillips may well have had a long term sexual relationship with his own daughter, but on Wolfking he made one of most beautifully trashy albums ever.

Obviously most people know of John Phillips from The Mamas & The Papas where he made his name as one of the sixties finest songwriters, as well as being a harmony arranger surpassed only by Brian Wilson. John's private life during and after his heyday was one of unparalled excess and debauchery and it's this that informs the album's unhinged romance. It's pretty much the only album that I know ALL the words to and I don't even know the words to our songs... please listen.

Listen to Harlem Tunnel