Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Suffering Jukecast #1

If the sun's pouring through your window and you're feeling a little dozy this afternoon, then hopefully this mix will be the icing on your cake. Some lazy stoned jams from everyone set to do something on the label, plus an extra song from Colleen Green; bringing the female percentage up to 33%. Feel free to download it, put it on your blog or send it to a boy/girl you like...

1. Worship You - Colleen Green
2. Not Me - Milk Maid
3. Cenetaph (Slow Jamz Demo) - Mazes
4. Planeterium - Former Bullies
5. M&Ms - Colleen Green
6. You're Not Mine - Brown Brogues

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Suffering Jukecast by Suffering Jukebox

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