Friday, 16 July 2010

Grim Fandangle

If you're in Manchester and you're stuck for something to do tonight, you could do a-lot worse than head down to The Grim Fandangle at The Corner. I don't really know what a 'fandangle' is but I'm assuming it's a good thing. The name's irrelevant anyway... there's four bands playing... I've only ever seen Brown Brogues before and I've raved about them enough so I'm gonna leave it to the promoter to sum up BB, Cargo Cult, Rent Boys and The Graveyard Shift. Here goes...

"I saw these guys at Big Hands. I was sweating so fucking hard, man! I had to shove my arm down my fucking throat just to stop my heart beating so hard! They fucking chewed my ears out, man!" - 50 Cent, Voice Of A Generation.

"I used to go out with Mark from Brown Brogues. He ripped my shit up tough, you dig?" - David Cameron, iz my Daddy.

"Have you seen Fiddy lately? Dude's fucked up, man. He's all fucked up." - Paris Hilton, NTDuh1stWMN2MmmACHE$$$OUTTASEX.

"You know that taxi driver? The Cumbrian bloke that shot all those people up? Well, yeah... He was pretty cool. But I like Rent Boys, so..." - Ian, Night & Day (NOT WHERE THIS IS)

*stares at screen*

Not a clue what any of that means, but Sex Is Disgusting are putting out the first Rent Boys single (buy it here) and that's a big thumbs up. I'd be there if I didn't live in London now and I'll let you in on a secret...there's NOTHING happening in London tonight. Manchester 1, London 0

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