Friday, 4 June 2010

Brilliant Colors

We're thrilled to be putting on Brilliant Colors next week at The Deaf Institute's sister venue Trof NQ. I'm moving to London pretty soon and doing shows with Comfortable On A Tightrope at Trof NQ has been a highlight of my last two years in Manchester. It seems fitting that the bill's absolutely killer.... As I'm writing this on a sunny friday afternoon, I could be forgiven for being a bit lazy and saying "Brilliant Colors sound like Vivian Girls"...which of course would be completely lame of me and borderline misogynist.

La La Vasquez return to Trof for the third time... they sound exactly like Vivian Girls. Then there's Waiters who sound like a male Vivian Girls. First on are Sex Hands, who sound like Vivian Girls and Harry Pussy throwing stuff down the stairs. Come!

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  1. There seems to have been some confusion as to me thinking La La Vasquez sound like Vivian Girls. They don't... I was making a joke