Thursday, 3 June 2010


So apart from the slightly dubious name, this is looking pretty ace. If you can't make it down to Sex Is Disgusting's annual Dudefest in Brighton this weekend, then Manchester has come up with it's own alternative... Douchefest. I'm not sure when being a douche became cool, but what the hell do I know? This is the perfect tonic to the plethora of 'festivals' that have happened in Manchester over the last coupla weekends; festivals that have ranged from the 'good' to the 'lazy' to the 'shit your pants awful'. I think it's fair to say that bar a few absentees, every band worth seeing in Manchester is playing...

Dinner Party (Nick from Former Bullies other band), D/R/U/G/S (annoying to type), Mazes (total idiots), Waiters (Droney Malkmusy Jamz), The Yossarians (why has no-one used this name before?), No Womb (psyched for these), Brown Brogues (John Dwyer devotees and awesomely polite lads), Sex Hands (nice), Cargo Cult (weed addled) Hyacinth Girl (Neil from Mazes other band YO)

You get the picture...I've spent too much time in London and whilst I was wasn't looking, a whole new DIY scene happened. One question though...why aren't Milk Maid playing this?

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