Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Brown Brogues

Excellent. Brown Brogues are a band from Wigan I think, possibly Chorley. My knowledge of northern towns has largely been blocked out thanks to traumatic experiences as a youth. Nothing toooo bad, so don't worry... And you do know the internet has made a band's hometown pretty much irrelevant right? So anyways, Brown Brogues are from earth.

I've seen them a few times over the last 6 months and for me they're the best band currently trawling the minefield that is the Manchester gig circuit. Thankfully they've been taken under the wings of Comfortable On A Tightrope and hopefully the days of playing first at pointless shows are over. Good.

To me, Brown Brogues sound like a northern english take on John Dwyer's Oh Sees. Melody and songs at the forefront and it's refreshing at the moment to see someone who can really shred on guitar. Ben's drumming is like the truck in Spielberg's Duel...relentless and menacing. They're great... Tape on Suffering Jukebox to follow!

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