Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The Vaselines

Oh my... The Deaf Institute have just announced a Vaselines show in September. I'm struggling to think of a band as good as The Vaselines, maybe the Beatles, so it goes without saying this is a must see. And holy shit wow, bucking trends left right and centre, they've only gone and recorded a new album; which I wrongly assumed was illegal for reformed bands?!

AND the song they've released to blogs is good. I know, weird right? The album cover (see above) is truly awful, but you can't have everything.

Anyway, this news got me thinking... How many 'favourite bands in the world' did Kurt Cobain have and who was his actual favourite? The Vaselines? Teenage Fanclub? Meat Puppets? Daniel Johnston? Beat Happening? Obviously all awesome, but can anyone clarify who his favourite band ACTUALLY was? Courtney Love, Derek Acorah... I'm looking at you

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