Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Comfortable On A Tightrope and their merry band of friends and like minded spirits rule the Manchester DIY scene. Every band that you'll fall in love with; chances are they've already put them on and let them stay at their house. To celebrate the summer, Comfortable On A Tightrope and The Deaf Institute are presenting a day of music, films and zines THIS Saturday. It all kicks off at noon with a screening of 'The Shield Around The K', a documentary on Olympia's K Records which precedes a who's who of the UK's most interesting bands... Please, Human Hair, Prize Pets and Golden Grrls. There'll be a stall aswell selling records, tapes, artwork, poster and fanzine.

You can find out more about Comfortable On A Tightrope here
You can 'attend' on Facebook here

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